The team

We are a small team of enthusiastic researchers, keen on understanding the immune system and understanding the way that lymphocytes promote health and disease.

Jonathan Coquet

Group Leader

I’ve always been interested in the plasticity of the immune response. This led me to do a PhD project in Dale Godfrey’s lab at the University of Melbourne, where i worked on cytokine production by NKT cells. I performed a couple of postdocs under Jannie Borst in Amsterdam and Bart Lambrecht in Ghent, focussed on understanding T helper cell biology and in 2014, started my own group at the Karolinska Institute. I am still interested in understanding the factors that influence cell fate, especially in T cells.

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Julian Stark

PhD student

Julian did his MSc in Biology at the University of Hohenheim, Germany, after which he completed an eight month internship in Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam’s group studying B cells. He started his PhD in 2015 and his work has been focussed on understanding the Th2 cell response to allergens and studying cellular metabolism in these cells. He is also developing a new model of airway inflammation, which we hope will better model adult-onset asthma.

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Junjie Ma

PhD student

Junjie was awarded the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) fellowship and started his PhD in 2017.  Junjie is developing novel models and pipelines for high throughput analysis of gene function in CD4 and CD8 T cells, in the settings of asthma and cancer.

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Sophie Hordijk

Masters student

Sophie is completing her Masters at the University of Amsterdam and has joined our group for a few months to study the function of T cells in allergy and cancer.

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