The team

We are a small team of enthusiastic researchers, keen on understanding the immune system and understanding the way that lymphocytes promote health and disease. In 2023, we are making a move to the Leo Foundation Skin Immunology Centre where we will focus on immune responses in lesional skin diseases.

Jonathan Coquet

Group Leader

I’ve always been interested in the plasticity of the immune response. This led me to do a PhD project in Dale Godfrey’s lab at the University of Melbourne, where i worked on cytokine production by NKT cells. I performed a couple of postdocs under Jannie Borst in Amsterdam and Bart Lambrecht in Ghent, focussed on understanding T helper cell biology and in 2014, started my own group at the Karolinska Institute. I am still interested in understanding the factors that influence cell fate, especially in T cells.

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Egon Urgard

Postdoctoral scientist

Egon Urgard is a Wenner-Gren fellow who performed his PhD at the University of Tartu under the supervision of Ana Rebane. Egon is an expert in inflammatory processes at tissue sites, with an interest in undertstanding allergic inflammation. He will be tracking T cells in various organs using histological approaches.

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Javiera Álvarez Morán

PhD student

Javiera is a PhD student with a degree in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering from the University of Chile. Javiera will be studying the clonal response of T helper cells to allergens.

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Want to work with us at the Skin Immunology Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark or at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden?