Previous studies


We recently found that Th2 cells had a cell-intrinsic requirement for peroxisome proliferator activated receptor-gamma (Chen, Tibbitt et al., Science Immunology 2017). We believe that PPAR-gamma regulates several facets of Th2 cells including their metabolism and expression of certain receptors, such as the IL-33R.

A role for PPAR-gamma in Th2 cell differentiation

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We also previously explored the role of IL-21 in the development of type 2-mediated airway inflammation, identifying that IL-21-producing T helper cells were important for the propogation of Th2 cell responses in the airways (Coquet, Schuijs et al., Immunity 2015).

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The role of IL-21 in Th2 cell-mediated inflammation

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Immune modulation

Our interest in immune modulation continues to explore the role of co-stimulatory signals in immune cell function and cancer biology. We are also interested in the role the environment plays in directing immune cell fate and function, in particular exploring the role of short chain fatty acids.


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