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Using single cell RNA-Sequencing, we recently identified several unique traits of the T helper cell response to house dust mites. Namely, that differentiating Th2 cells in the mediastinal lymph nodes acquire many features of Tfh cells, but not canonical features including expression of Bcl6 or CXCR5. Once Th2 cells leave the lymph node and enter the lung, they are exposed to type I interferons, acquire the ability to secrete IL-5 and IL-13, and uniquely express genes related to lipid oxidation and fatty acid synthesis. link

scRNA-Seq identified several unique features of T helper cell differentiation to house dust mites.

A central regulator of lipid metabolism is likely to be peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma (PPAR-g), which we showed in 2017 was expressed specifically in Th2 cells and was critical for ST2 expression by Th2 cells. In mice lacking PPAR-g in T cells, pathogenic IL-5+ and IL-13+ Th2 cells failed to differentiate, and Th2 cell-associated pathologies did not develop. link

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