In the lab with lymphocytes

In our group, we study the diverse functions of the immune response and try to understand the genetic and environmental factors that influence T cell development and differentiation. To find out more about the immune system, we use the latest gene detection methods, computational approaches and sophisticated disease models of allergy and cancer.

Group members

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The group @ Biomedicum

Graphical Abstract from Tibbitt, Stark et al,. 2019

Latest work

We recently undertook a single cell RNA-Sequencing analysis of the CD4 T cell response to the allergen HDM. This uncovered several features of the response. Namely:

1. A starkly different gene expression signature and effector cytokine signature for lung tissue Th2 cells from the lymphoid counterparts.

2. A strong exposure to type-I IFNs in the HDM challenged lung.

3. A unique gene expression profile for Th2 cells, marked by expression of CD200R1 and PPAR-gamma.

4. A marked upregulation of genes involved in lipid metabolism, specifically in Th2 cells.


16th June, 2020

Julian Stark defended his PhD successfully and gave a really great account of all his hard work over the last 4 and a half years. Well done!

8th June, 2020

Junjie Ma gave his half-time seminar. Well done Junjie. You killled it.

20th Feb, 2020

We have been lucky to have had two great scientists in our group over the last few years, Leona Rohrbeck and Chris Tibbitt. And now, they have moved onto bigger and better things. We wish them all the best.

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