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Single-cell analysis pinpoints distinct populations of cytotoxic CD4+ T cells and an IL-10+CD109+ TH2 cell population in nasal polyps

Fig. 1A from Ma, Tibbitt et al., Science Immunology 2021

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We recently undertook a single cell RNA-Sequencing analysis of CD4 T cells and ILC2 from nasal polyp tissue of patients with chronic rhinosinusitis

1. We resolve several canonical subsets of T helper cells including Th2, Treg, Tfh cells and 3 distinct CD4 CTL clusters.

2. CD4 CTL have the highest levels of clonal expansion and have distinct patterns of granzyme expression.

3. Th2 cells and ILC2 are profiled side-by-side, displaying several similarities and some differences. Within Th2 cells, we identify a CD109+IL-10+ state, likely reflective of Tr1 cells.


12th November, 2021

Julian Stark celebrates his graduation at Stadhuset.

1st September, 2021

Javiera Alvarez Moran starts her PhD in our group.

15th November, 2020

After a hot pursuit, Egon Urgard started in our group.